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Massage & Bodywork

Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum

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Fees: $100/hr    45min - 2hr. sessions
Sessions include:

  • Nourishing organic body oils
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Acupressure
  • Reflexology 
  • Massage cupping as needed for glorious deep tissue/scar tissue/ myofascial work
  • Trigger point therapy works swiftly to release both chronic and acute myofascial and muscular pains
  • Healing breath work
  • Certified breast massage (requires verbal and written concent) 
    breast massage promotes healthy lactation beginning in pregnancy.  It promotes optimal flow, prevents / remedies blocked ducts and mastitis.  

Add-on services & additional techniques: 

  • Thalassotherapy foot bath with scrub & reflexology*
  • Skin brushing**
  • Organic Face Glow (kefir~n~honey) with acupressure facial and scalp massage*
  • Breast/chest massage (requires verbal and written consent)
  • Intraoral massage/instruction
  • Abdominal massage / Chi Nei Tsang / Myofascial release / fertility priming massage
  • Pelvic myofascial balancing 
  • Qigong breath work and posture techniques
  •  Alexander posture techniques for the pregnant and postpartum body
  • Reiki
  • SEA Therapy (Somato-Emotional-Awareness) through inner landscape energy healing with imagery
     * Thalassotherapy foot bath with reflexology and Organic Face Glow adds 15 min./$25 each to appointment
    **Skin brush mitts come with a one-time $15 fee.  They can be taken home with you or stored sanitarily in studio for use in future sessions

    Any additional techniques used require no additional fees unless we add additional time to your session

Reflexology  Deeply relaxing and powerfully restorative.  Sessions begin with an organic thalassotherapy (sea therapy) foot bath and pumice scrub followed by a clothed full-body reflexology session.  Includes detailed work on head, ears, neck, shoulders, lower arms & hands, and lower legs & feet.  Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.  Good for maternity or classic service.

Fertility Priming Massage  A perfect way to open the door for a child and prepare yourself for motherhood/parenthood.  Making a conscious choice to welcome your baby gives you opportunity to get to know and focus on; your body, cycle, emotions, spirit, diet and set your soil to provide a fertile, happy, loving, vibrant uterine sea ~ your baby's first home.  This session will include acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy and abdominal massage and may include visualizations.

Maternity Massage  Pregnancy and postpartum massage supports mom & baby physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually preparing them for birth and life with relaxation, clarity and pleasure.  Massage sessions relieve common (common does not mean normal) pregnancy complaints such as pelvic and back pain, nausea, swelling, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, headaches.  Pelvic alignment and intraoral massage are also used to ready moms body for labor and maintain health postpartum.  The positioning used for massage sessions promotes restful sleep and optimal fetal positioning for labor readiness.  Enjoy improved immunity, more energy for mom and baby in this vital time of formation, increased pelvic stability and healthy skin while reducing stress, tension, fear, anxiety/depression.  Receiving nourishing touch also fills the well a mother gives from and helps her tune deeply into her intuition during this paramount time...    Read more on maternity and doula services here

Perinatal Holistic Spa Services provide much needed maternal support and healing on many levels
Mother Love Boon provides a final preparation for labor.  It is a blessing of a treatment for ready to deliver or past their estimated due time mothers that includes a sea therapy foot bath, labor tea, birth-priorities embodiment discussion, skin brushing with powdered organic flowers followed by a deeply soothing massage with pelvic assessment and balancing (the doorway for birth!) acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy that assist mom's body to soften, open and connect within helping her to soar through labor & birth.  Includes an organic herbal Birthing Sachet that mom keeps for further aroma-therapeutic use in labor and delivery. 
Welcome Home - A Mother Warming Essential wellness support for the new mother.  Can be a series of massages or a single service which is done once her lochia ceases.  
Mother Warming as a series begins with restorative 30 or 60 min. massages with a warming oil focusing on mom's abdomen and pelvic girdle and can include pelvic and abdominal binding* for supportive healing beginning shortly after birth (typically within the first week)  
The final or one-time service is done once mom's lochia ceases and includes postpartum warming or nursing tea and foot bath, a full-body massage with pelvic assessment and rebalancing that includes warming abdominal massage, reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy.  Mom's abdomen is treated with a warming anti-inflammatory oil and gently wrapped with a warm stone.  The service can conclude with a supportive abdominal binding*  
* Cotton Bengkung belly bind is additional $65 - $100.  I can supply one or you can use your own.  Please inquire. 
Mother Warming package fee is customized and depends on # of massages before final one
Contact me to arrange your personal service or package

Rock~n~Roll Massage Hot stones, massage cupping, great music, deep relief - Excellent for fathers or anyone who enjoys deep tissue massage.

Natural body treatments for women also include:

  • Techniques to relieve PMS.  Enter "Moontime Massage"  in the notes field when scheduling massage the week before (if you suffer from pms) or during your period (if you wish to rest & connect deeply within.) You'll receive a special tea, acupressure, aromatherapy and reflexology to clear the way for healthy flow and reflection.  
  • Relief from tension/stress, headaches, pelvic stress, abdominal/gut imbalances  
  • Natural breast care & body care techniques with partial or full chest and breast massage - non-sexual.

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I look forward to healing time with you. Thank you.

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